Committing to a leaf a day

August 2021

Here’s a tip particularly for new botanical artists to rapidly develop accurate drawing skills—commit to a daily regime of sketching at least one leaf a day.

While normal daily commitments can rob us of time to paint, it’s not difficult to find a few minutes to sketch a leaf. This could be early in the morning before things become hectic, in the middle of the day during a lunch break, or later in the evening when calm returns.

If you live in a place with a climate that ensures an abundance of leaves year round, you’ll have no trouble finding subjects. But even those of us in snowy climates have access to leaves in the depths of winter; there are indoor plants or those dead leaves still clinging to mostly bare trees or hiding in spots not covered by snow.

And aside from developing your drawing skills, there’s the therapeutic aspect of blocking out everything else and just focusing on your sketch, even if it’s just for a short while each day.

Carol Doughty copyright 2020.

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