Private Mentoring

Botanical art private mentoring

At the urging of a few artists I started this botanical art private mentoring program nearly five years ago. My guide was my seven-year mentorship by the legendary Pandora Sellers. That relationship and ongoing guidance was a significant factor in my growth as an artist. Consequently, ongoing guidance is at the core of my mentoring program. And as an added bonus, the digital age now allows me to mentor artists practically anywhere on the globe.

But please note that this program is not an opportunity for tuition in basic skills such as learning how to draw or paint. Instead, it’s a resource for honing skills that have already commenced in previous development. It helps the artist to set goals and to focus on how to achieve them. And, most importantly, it fosters planning how to carve out ways to spend the time necessary to realize those goals. Significantly, it does not require a full-time commitment. To date, the most successful artists I have mentored or am currently mentoring, have full-time jobs or other time-consuming commitments.

If you’re interested in learning more about this botanical art private mentoring program and finding out whether you qualify for it, please click here for my “Contact” page and let me know. I will respond with details of the structure and cost.

For my portfolio, publications, and details of my teaching experience see my portfolio website.