This is a selection from the many unsolicited workshop and e-booklet reviews I’ve been pleased to receive.

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It is abundantly clear to me now that painting off a digital image does not in any way come close to matching colour to the real plant. Margaret’s process, techniques and superb understanding of paint pigments outlined in her e-booklets made this painting possible for me.


I love your work and your e-books are fantastic.



Such talent. I plan on collecting all of the e-booklets. Of all of the literally hundreds of books I have, these are the most helpful and informative.


The download went off without a hitch. Love the booklets. I have them printed up for my use on 32lb paper and spiral bound with clear covers. It makes such a nice addition to my botanical art book library. Please pass on to Margaret how much her work is appreciated!



I purchased three of your e-booklets yesterday. I read one of them in full last night. I highlighted the heck out of it! My only complaint is that we live too far apart for me to take an in-person workshop taught by you. Highly impressed! Your love of teaching oozed out of my booklet.


Congratulations, your e-book is phenomenal! It is so utterly comprehensive, the only way to assimilate all the information will be to dig in and practice. What a gift that you’ve shared your wealth of knowledge in such a clear and practical presentation. You are the Queen of Green.


I took the time to read the Going Green booklet today and need to say what a wonderful job! The layout is so beautiful – they all are!


Since I have been totally immersed in your books for coloured pencil these past few days, the new one on greens comes at the best time for me. Your techniques have expanded my understanding of what pencils can do and how to achieve results. Thoroughly enjoying the process.


I want to thank you for the information in the booklets. They are wonderful and just what I have been looking for. I’m very excited to continue my journey into painting with this info.


Fantastic as always! And yes, it is packed with great information. And yes, I need it as I am one of those artists who has done many workshops and had many teachers and got different paints every time. And I have to confess I’ve accumulated around 60 different paints of which I use a small part. So it is time for spring cleaning. Thank you, Margaret!


I’ve already started reading it and LOVE IT!! Like all of Margaret’s booklets, they are wonderful. Please tell her to keep on writing. I love her openness and honesty. What a treasure!


These workbooks are a huge asset to me (and I’m sure to the botanical art community in general). Thank you for the work that has gone into them and the passing on of invaluable knowledge. 


Each of the booklets I’ve received has been phenomenal! Margaret addresses questions and supplies education that I would not otherwise have access to. I’m especially grateful for the most recent Going Green. Green and I have such a love-hate relationship.


These e-booklets are so great, so affordable with rich and priceless knowledge. Love them! 


Not only is the written material invaluable and clear to understand, the illustrations are beautiful . . . an altogether wonderful experience.


These e-books are so wonderful! thank you for creating them



Fabulous class. Fabulous instructor. Learned so much.


Your teaching resonates with me so strongly. For years I have struggled and struggled with my color mixing and my inability to get very dark shadows that were not sludgy got me down many a time. But your booklets and online course helped me understand color in a way I never have before. 


The online workshop with Margaret was amazing! The level she took us to in three days was nothing short of mind blowing.


Thank you for a very enlightening “Capturing Light ” workshop. For my painting, this workshop, along with the previous “Chasing Shadows” workshop, was a complete game changer. Having a controlled lighting setup, being made aware of the shadows and reflected light on the subject and then translating all of that into paint with a very carefully-chosen palette, has brought my painting to a whole new level. 


I had 3 WOW moments in Margaret’s workshop. What you need to do before you even put a brush to paper, how to mix paints correctly and keep the consistency accurate throughout a painting and, how to build depth of colour.


Such a great class! This approach to colour instruction is so effective.


What a fabulous 3-day workshop. And such a generous and helpful follow-up! 


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