In-person Workshops


In-person workshops with live specimens and workshop booklets.


Drawing the live specimens in an in-person workshop.

In-person workshops 

I have had to curtail my in-person 3-day workshops somewhat since the advent of COVID-19 restrictions and the ongoing associated risks. Nevertheless, where and when possible, I am conducting local in-person workshops. But if you are not able to attend, consider my online workshops. In both instances the workshops are supported by e-booklets available from the bookstore.

The dates and locations of in-person workshops will appear below when they are scheduled. In the meantime, you can see references from previous workshops on the Reviews page of this site and on my portfolio website at

Drawing from live specimens

Please understand that I conduct my workshops according to a strict principle that the botanical art process starts with a live specimen. I do not draw or colour-match from digital images or photographs and I do not teach that way either. Consequently, I do not believe in providing drawings or photographs to workshop attendees.


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Workshop announcements and bookings

For a description of the workshops currently scheduled and to book your place, please click on the relevant calendar image below. If the workshop is FULL, you can ask to be on a waiting list via my “Contact” page.

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