Transaction Guide

TO VIEW THE CONTENT OF THE BOOKLETS: Click on the image or the title.

RECEIVING YOUR E-BOOKLETS: When you buy an e-booklet, you will receive an emailed confirmation of order from which to download the booklet (it should arrive in a few seconds). To download the booklet, click on the e-booklet title under the “Download” heading as shown here:

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE ORDER CONFIRMATION (AS SHOWN ABOVE): The order confirmation should arrive in your email inbox in seconds. If it does not arrive, check your spam mail file. If it is not there, please let us know via the Contact page and we will immediately deliver the e-booklets.

DOWNLOADING: It’s best accomplished on a computer. From there you can then send the booklets to your other devices if that is where you want to read them.

DOWNLOADING NOTE FOR TABLET USERS: If you’re downloading onto a tablet (such as an iPad), be sure to save the e-book appropriately in Apple Books (previously iBooks) or a similar file.

DOWNLOAD AND FILE: Once you download the e-booklets you should store them on your device for use and future access. You cannot access them on this site indefinitely.

VIEWING THE E-BOOKLETS: Once bought, these e-booklets are best viewed in Adobe Acrobat (PC and Mac) or Preview (Mac).

PRINTING THE E-BOOKLETS: If you prefer to work with a hard copy, the copyright notice allows for a copy to be printed for the personal use of the purchaser.

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