An amazing new botanical art book on painting fungi

March 12, 2024

Today I was delighted to receive my copy of Claire Ward’s just-released book, Drawing and Painting Fungi – an artist’s guide to finding and illustrating mushrooms and lichens.  

And I was impressed to see my two contributions beautifully presented along with those of Claire and other well-known botanical artists from a number of countries. In every aspect, Claire has done a magnificent job with this book. It’s informative on everything you need to know about painting fungi—foraging, identification, natural environments, shapes, colours, sizes, structures, and sketching. She also discusses and illustrates in detail all the media used by artists passionate about the subject (and it’s a growing number).

This is a must-have book for botanical artists, not just as a practical guide, but also as a source of inspiration.

Drawing and Painting Fungi has been released in Europe and will be released in North America in September. In the meantime though, it can be ordered from (who appear to offer free shipping) and Amazon, UK.

My Amanita multisquamosa on page 99