Exploring Mixed Media – Graphite & Watercolor


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This 35-page e-booklet was written as a resource for botanical and nature artists who enjoy both graphite and watercolour. It encourages the effective integration of these two popular mediums. The opportunities that carefully-planned and skillfully-composed combinations offer, are virtually without limit.

This e-booklet is a natural follow-on to the three graphite e-booklets that preceded it and that underscore graphite as a serious botanical art medium. This e-booklet demonstrates how to bring your knowledge of graphite and watercolour to a contemporary combination of full colour and monochromatic content. It’s packed with ideas to inspire you to seek out the endless possibilities from specimens in your own environment.

In summary, this e-booklet covers:

  • Exploration of ways in which monochromatic content can enhance the full colour components.
  • Careful composition planning for maximum impact of the two mediums.
  • Exploration of the past masters of botanical art who combined monochrome and colour content.
  • How the historical approach has inspired contemporary context.
  • Ways in which well-known contemporary artists share their innovative successes with watercolour and graphite combinations.
  • A step-by-step illustrated explanation of one mixed media piece from start to finish.