Natural Neutrals in Watercolour


Besides green, the largest group of naturally-occurring colours in the plant and fungi world is known as “neutrals.”

This group covers a vast array of grey, white, off-white, and earth tone colours from the soft and subtle to the deepest and darkest. Both the colour-matching process and effective application techniques can be challenging. Consequently, many artists try to avoid them, especially the paler values.

This 32-page e-booklet offers a number of solutions for botanical studies in neutral colours on white paper that include:

= The latest information on permanent pigments for effective neutral colour applications.
= How to use a knowledge of colour bias to steer the accurate colour-matching process in colour testing exercises.
= How to make “botanical grey” and many alternative variations to eliminate, dull, “dirty”, disappointing results.
= How to observe and embrace the use of reflected light colour on pale subjects.
= Observations of past and contemporary excellence in the use of neutral colours on mushrooms and other specimens.