The Value of Colour – Dark & Deep


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This second e-booklet in a three-booklet series about the key relationship between colour and value, is all about dark colours and deep shadows. It covers ways of capturing the varying (and often subtle) degrees of darkness without plunging into dimension-destroying blackness.

Once again, free from the distraction of colour, this e-booklet offers methods for exploring both conventional and new graphite products. It covers a comprehensive approach to both technique and ways to test a range of different materials. Included too are ways of reducing the unwelcome sheen that often develops on the surface of dark areas of applied graphite.

In overview, this 42-page e-booklet offers:

  • An understanding of how full value range and contrast impacts the success of a plant study in all mediums.
  • A further understanding of the relationship between darker colours and value—specifically darker violet, brown, burgundy, blue, and grey subjects.
  • Information on the latest materials for dark values in graphite.
  • Explanations and images of techniques designed to establish smooth graduations of value between light and dark areas.
  • A full understanding of how to use materials and techniques for dark plant subjects and related shadow.