The Value of Colour – Pale hues and Soft neutrals


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It sounds like a contradiction, but isn’t . . . The interpretation of colour actually starts in the world of black and white.

In these contemporary times many artists seeking to excel in botanical art studies have not had the opportunity to study the impact of light on plant subjects. The intense observation of light and shadow is best studied in a monochromatic medium free from the distraction of colour. Graphite is the ideal choice for an investment in time that will serve to accelerate progress with colour studies.

This 40-page e-booklet offers:

  • An understanding of the relationship between colour and values, particularly white and pale subjects.
  • An understanding of value range and contrast to the success of any plant study in any medium.
  • Information on the best materials suited to botanical studies in graphite.
  • An explanation of core techniques for graphite studies.
  • An understanding of how to use materials and techniques for pale subjects.