Exploring Mixed Media – Pushing Perspective


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This 44-page e-booklet is a resource for botanical and nature artists who use both graphite and a colour medium—either watercolour or coloured pencil. This second e-booklet in the mixed media series addresses the many challenges of perspective for realistic plant paintings. It covers ways to effectively integrate monochrome (graphite) and colour to create a heightened sense of space.

Exploring Mixed media – Pushing Perspective is also a natural follow-on to the three graphite-focused e-booklets and the mixed media e-booklets the preceded it. It demonstrates how to bring your knowledge of graphite techniques to work harmoniously with colour in an effective, contemporary way. As with its predecessors, it’s packed with ideas to inspire you to pursue the endless possibilities of both composition and perspective that will add depth and realism to your botanical studies.

In summary, the e-booklet includes:

  • An exploration of the ways in which monochromatic content can enhance full colour components.
  • Careful composition and perspective planning for maximum impact with graphite and a selected colour medium.
  • An exploration of the past masters of botanical art who combined monochrome and colour content.
  • How the historical approach has inspired contemporary context.
  • Well-known contemporary artists sharing their innovative successes with monochrome and colour combinations.
  • A step-by-step illustrated explanation of how to build a composition for enhanced perspective using a colour and graphite combination.